Structure of Estonian Maritime Academy

Approved by order No 1-24/178 of 3 June 2022 of Director of EMERA
In force from: 01.09.2022

The order is issued based on clause 5 of § 27 of the Statutes of Tallinn University of Technology, clause 3.3 of the Statutes of Estonian Maritime Academy, the results of the internal audit and management review and the draft action plan.

1. I approve the structure of Estonian Maritime Academy from 01.09.2022 accordingly:

1.1 Centre of Maritime Education and Training (in Estonian merehariduskeskus);
1.2 Infrastructure Centre (in Estonian taristukeskus);
1.3 Centre of Academic Affairs (in Estonian õppekeskus);
1.4 Research Groups:
1.4.1 Centre for Maritime Cybersecurity (in Estonian merenduse küberjulgeoleku keskus);
1.4.2 Maritime Transport Research Group (in Estonian mereveonduse uurimisrühm);
1.4.3 Green Maritime Technology Research Group (in Estonian rohelise meretehnoloogia uurimisrühm);
1.4.4 Blue Economy and Aquatic Resources Research Group (in Estonian sinimajanduse ja veeressurside uurimisrühm).

2. I declare the Director’s Order No 1-24/244 of 30.09.2021 “Approval of the structure of the Estonian Maritime Academy” invalid as of 01.09.2022.

Scheme of management and structure of Estonian Maritime Academy

Eesti Mereakadeemia juhtimis- ja struktuuriskeem 2022-09-01