Key indicators of the Strategic Plan 2021– 2025 of Tallinn University of Technology

Approved by Resolution No 2 of 17 September 2021 of the Council of Tallinn University of Technology

In force from: 18.09.2021

In force from: 23.04.2021
  Key indicators of the STRATEGIC PLAN 2021-2025 Baseline at the beginning of 2021 Target in 2025
TEACHING AND LEARNING Share of students graduating within the nominal period of study 50% 60%
Ratio of the average income of the graduates of master’s studies to the average salary in Estonia 1.53 1.65
At least 75% of the volume of the master’s programmes is taught by academic staff members with a PhD or an equivalent qualification 46% 100%
Total income from the rendering of education services (million euros) 54 70
RESEARCH Annual number of Q1 category articles per an academic staff member with a PhD 0.47 0.70
Number of defended doctoral theses 55 90
Volume of launched R&D projects per FTE of an academic staff member with a PhD (thousand euros) 60.2 72
ENTREPRENEURSHIP Annual income from R&D contracts and services (million euros) 10.9 13
Number of established spin-off and start-up companies 4 10
Number of licence agreements 3 10
Number of patents/patent applications filed per year 10/13 12/20
GENERAL Reputation index (TRIM) 85 95
Share of voice (SOV) on media in the comparison of 3 largest universities (TalTech, the University of Tartu and Tallinn University) 18% 30%
Occupational gender integration (SAI) 0.827 0.900
Employee satisfaction index (TRIM) 61 68
Climate neutral university 2035*

*The key performance indicator will be defined by 31.12.2022.