Rules of Procedure of the Directorate of the Estonian Maritime Academy

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Document ID: V1/3
Version number: 4
Managed by: Quality Manager of EMERA
Approved by: Order No. 1-24/264 of the Director of EMERA of 20.10.2021

1. General provisions

1.1. The rules of procedure of the Directorate (hereinafter the rules of procedure) establish the membership and organisation of work of the Estonian Maritime Academy’s (hereinafter EMERA) Directorate.
1.2. The Directorate is an advisory body to the Director.
1.3. The work of the Directorate shall be carried out in meeting format.
1.4. The administration of the Directorate shall be organised by the Office Manager.

2. Membership of the Directorate and organisation of meetings

2.1. The Directorate shall consist of: the Director, the Adviser to Director, the Deputy Directors, the heads of centres, the Office Manager, and the Marketing Specialist.
2.2. Meetings of the Directorate shall normally be held weekly (except during the summer holiday period). A meeting of the Directorate shall not be held if no items have been proposed for the agenda. If necessary, the Director may convene an extraordinary meeting.
2.3. The Director shall have the right to invite other EMERA staff and guests to meetings, as necessary.
2.4. All members of the Directorate may propose items for discussion to the Directorate.
2.5. To add an item to the agenda, it must be submitted together with any related materials to the Office Manager no later than at 10:00 on the Friday of the week preceding the meeting.
2.6. The decision of whether an item will be put on the agenda shall lie with the head of the Directorate.
2.7. The Office Manager shall make the agenda for each meeting and any related submitted materials available to the members of the Directorate at least 1 working day before the meeting.
2.8. If a meeting of the Directorate is cancelled, the Office Manager shall inform the members of the Directorate at the earliest opportunity.

3. Work of the Directorate

3.1. The Directorate shall be headed by the Director or by a person designated by the Director.
3.2. Participation in meetings shall be obligatory for the members of the Directorate.
3.3. The Office Manager shall draw up a written summary of each meeting of the Directorate, which shall be made available to the members of the Directorate. The matters discussed at meetings of the Directorate shall be considered of an advisory nature for the Director and of an instructive nature for the members of the Directorate and for EMERA staff. If necessary, the Director shall make resolutions binding by their order.

4. Executors and responsibility

4.1. Responsibility for these rules of procedure shall rest with the following persons:
4.1.1. management of the rules of procedure – Quality Manager;
4.1.2. implementation, enforcement and verification of compliance with the rules of procedure – Director.