The Statute of Insignia of Student Body of Tallinn University of Technology

ADOPTED byDecision of TTÜ Student Union of 24 April 2005
Amended by Decision No. 21 of TTÜ Student Union of 8 April 2014

I  General provisions

1. The objective for creating and using the insignia of Student Body of Tallinn University of Technology (hereinafter “Student Body”) is to emphasise the autonomy and cohesion of Student Body. The creation and use of the insignia of Student Body shall be decided by TTÜ Student Union (hereinafter “Student Union”).

2. The insignia shall include the following:
2.1. The brand of Student Body;
2.2. The flag of Student Body;
2.3. The student cap of TTÜ;
2.4. The honorary decoration of Student Body.

II  Brand of TTÜ Student Body

3. The brand of Student Body (hereinafter “brand”) includes the name of Student Body and a graphic image of mascot Juulius. The author of the graphic image of mascot Juulius is Ranno Martinson.

4. The brand colours have been determined according to Pantone colour catalogue. The open circle line elements of the brand are steel grey (Pantone Matching System cool grey 8) and the middle part, or mascot Juulius, is cherry red (Pantone Matching System 221 CV).

5. The brand may be also used in black and white. To this end, it is required to use a special file for the black and white brand. It is not allowed to turn the coloured brand black and white by copying it or any other way. The black and white brand of Student Union (Annex 1, Figures 3–4) has a grey surrounding part (50% of black) and a black middle part (100%).

6. Student Union shall have the sole right to use the brand.

7. The brand shall be used with Student Union documents, awards, publications, advertising and informative materials, staff business cards, website, and insignia.

8. The letterheads and other publications of Student Union include the complete name of Student Union, and this is written either in Estonian “Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli Üliõpilasesindus” or in English “Student Union of Tallinn University of Technology” or in both languages.

9. If the brand is used by a structural unit or a staff member of Student Union, the management board of TTÜ Student Body shall decide on the use of the brand. The decision  to allow any third persons to use the brand shall be made by Student Union based on the proposal submitted by the management board of Student Body.

10. The applications for using the brand may be submitted by:
10.1. The heads of structural units of Student Union;
10.2. The legal persons of TTÜ student organisations.

11. The application shall include the requested brand, the terms and conditions, method, and material for using the brand.

12. The permission to use the brand shall be either single, fixed-term with duration of up to one year or without a term.

13. Student Union may cancel the permission to use the brand if any terms and conditions indicated in the application or the decision to give permission for using the brand have been violated or the brand use has caused damage to the Student Body.

14. Upon using the brand, the quality of the brand itself and also the quality of publication, souvenir or other item shall be faultless.

15. The brand use of a structural unit of Student Union with the brand of Student Body of Tallinn University of Technology shall be coordinated with the management board of TTÜ Student Body.

III Flag of TTÜ Student Body

16. The flag of Student Body (Annex 2) is a double-sided woollen rectangle that has been lined with silver grey silk fringes and its measurements are 125 x 180 cm. The flag consists of three horizontal colour bands with different width: the upper band is white (50%), the middle band is cherry red (25%), and the bottom one is silver grey (25%). The left side of the flag (in terms of the flag carrier) is white, cherry red and silver grey. The white part features the following text written in three rows – “TALLINNA TEHNIKAÜLIKOOLI ÜLIÕPILASKOND” – and the cherry red part has “1920” in a silver grey colour. The right side of the flag is white, cherry red and silver grey. A silver grey image of mascot Juulius has been depicted in the middle of the white part.

17. The flag of Student Body shall be inaugurated and it is used at the festive events of the university and the Student Body, and in case of nationally significant holidays. The permission to use the flag shall be given by the chairperson of TTÜ Student Body. The use of the flag of the Student Body at the festive events shall be indicated in the scenario of the event, and the procedures and the responsible person should be determined for using the flag.

18. The flag of the Student Body shall be kept in the rooms of Student Union. Maintaining the flag of TTÜ Student Body in a state of emergency shall be a matter of honour for all TTÜ students.

IV TTÜ student cap

19. TTÜ student cap (hereinafter “student cap”) is a shallow leather peaked cap with a steel grey bottom, a white welt, and an ornament with “Tallinna Tehnikaülikool” written on its cherry red edge.

20. The description, duties, use, and distribution principles of the student cap shall be established in the Statute of TTÜ Student Cap.

VI Honorary decoration of Student Body

21. The honorary decorations are the highest awards that have been established to recognise outstanding persons, who have contributed to the benefit of the Student Body and whose activities have had a major positive impact. The honorary decoration is the greatest expression of recognition of the Student Body to an individual.

22. The description, duties, use, and distribution principles of the honorary decorations shall be established in the Statute on Awarding Honorary Decorations of TTÜ Student Body.

VII Implementing provisions

23. This Statute shall enter into force on the day after it has been adopted by Student Union.

24. Upon enforcement of this Statute, the Statute adopted with the Decision of Student Union of 24 March 2005 shall be repealed.


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