Strategic plan of TalTech Student Body 2021-2025

The Student Union, as the representative body of the TalTech Student Body, represents all the students of the university with its activities and stands for their rights. The views are formed based on the wishes and needs of the wider Student Body and the feedback received. This makes the Student Union a bridge between the students and the university. The focus of the Student Union is to support the development of students in both formal  and non-formal education. The Student Union is the main creator of growth opportunities that support the development of students. The main output of student organizations is students with diverse skills and knowledge.

The mission of the Student Union is to be a guardianship body for all TalTech students and to stand for the quality of education, a high-quality learning environment and a rich student life.

The visionof the Student Union is to be a transparent and strongest organization of its kind in the Estonian higher education landscape, a strong partner for the university, students and also for the Estonian public in general.

The Student Union is guided by the following values in its activities:

Expertise – Student representatives are experts in their field of activity, whose activities are prepared, presentable and responsible, making them a reliable partner.
Openness and innovation – Student representatives are open to new ideas and ventures and are not afraid to take the initiative in launching and implementing new solutions.
Sustainability and determination – Determined and consistent action to achieve the goals is important for the Student Union.

Objectives 2021-2025

1. The Student Union, in cooperation with the university, works to improve the quality of education so that the graduate receives the best possible preparation for a professional career.

1.1. The Student Union is an important shaper and promoter of educational policy at the university. The focus of education policy is on improving the quality of education.
1.2. Under the leadership of the Student Union, more and more students are aware of educational policy issues.
1.3. The Student Parliament of the Student Body is a well-known decision-making body among students, and the electoral activity of the Student Body in the elections of  the Student Parliament is increasing.
1.4. The Student Parliament of the Student Body has firm views and principles regarding the conduct of studies. The accepted positions are displayed to both the university and the students.
1.5. Student councils and student representatives have a strong role in shaping decisions and processes concerning the Student Body, and their input is a point of reference in the establishment and implementation of the Student Union’s education policy.
1.6. The university in cooperation with the Student Union has implemented a comprehensive feedback system to improve the quality of teaching. Student feedback has become a highly valued part of the feedback system to support the development of teachers teaching skills and the learning process.
1.7. The Student Union helps students to solve educational problems and study-related concerns. Students are aware that they can contact the Student Union on these topics.
1.8. The Student Union develops higher education (including research) policy at the national level in cooperation with the Federation of Estonian Student Unions in order to ensure high-quality education for students and a system of social guarantees enabling them to focus on their studies.

2. The Student Union has an important role in leading and developing a diverse and inclusive student life.

2.1. The Student Union ensures favorable conditions for the establishment and development of student organizations.
2.2. The Student Union supports student organizations and enables them to acquire and share knowledge for the successful leadership of the organizations.
2.3. The Student Union contributes to the development of more financially sustainable student organizations.
2.4. Student organizations are aware of the existence and possibilities of Student Union scholarship contest, and the participation of organizations in the contests is growing.
2.5. The Student Union encourages students to take a more active part in student life and to find opportunities for self-improvement and self-realization.
2.6. The Student Union values and recognizes exemplary and active students.
2.7. TalTech campus has an increasing variety of opportunities for students to spend  time and organize gatherings, events and projects that help increase the sense of togetherness among students.
2.8. TalTech Student House is a popular and constantly developing leisure place among students, where various events aimed at students take place.
2.9.  The Student Union values an active lifestyle by organizing various sporting events for students and by ensuring that students are provided with better and more favorable sporting conditions.

3. The Student Union is a sustainable guardianship organization with a strong organizational culture, the importance of which is understandable to all students.

3.1. The Student Union is a voluntary organization that offers its members a variety of development and learning opportunities.
3.2. The Student Union is a well-known and trusted organization among students, the activities of which are understandable to students. The Student Union informs the Student Body about its activities and is transparent in its work.
3.3. The Student Union is systematically ensuring its sustainability and continuity, and developing its organizational culture.
3.4. The Student Union is innovative and constantly develops its work culture and methods.
3.5. The Student Union operates as a unified team, where each member works to achieve the goals of the organization and is highly motivated. The Student Union values each of its members and their activities.
3.6. The Student Parliament of the Student Body has become a strong and professional institution that is motivated and prepared for its work in representing the interests of students.
3.7.  The Student Union favors the involvement of international students in student life activities and their membership in student organizations. The capacity of student organizations to engage international students is growing.