Rules for Digital Identity

The directive is issued based on clause 12) of § 11 of the Statutes of Tallinn University of Technology.

1. General provisions

1.1  The Rules for Digital Identity (hereinafter referred to as “Uni-ID”) (hereinafter referred to as “Rules”) apply to all the users of the electronic environment (information systems and applications) of Tallinn University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as “university”).

1.2 The Rules govern the application for, creation and administration of Uni-ID usernames. The Rules are part of the university’s work procedure rules.

1.3 The Information Technology Services is the owner and administrator of the Uni-ID service. The administrator shall ensure integral operation of the Uni-ID.

2. Uni-ID

2.1 A Uni-ID is a personal username used to identify the user and verify his/her identity.

2.2 A Uni-ID is generated:
2.2.1 to persons employed at the university, based on the personnel information system;
2.2.2 to the university students, based on the data in the study information system;
2.2.3 to persons outside the university based on an order of a university employee approved by the head of the structural unit for a term of up to one year.

2.3 A Uni-ID is generated based on the user’s personal data in accordance with the algorithm laid down in the Annex.

2.4 A person can have only one Uni-ID.

2.5 Roles to a Uni-ID are assigned automatically based on the relationship between the person and the university, except in case of Uni-ID usernames specified in clause 2.2.3.

3. Uni-ID validity

3.1 A Uni-ID username is generated automatically when an entry is made in the personnel or study information system in accordance with clauses 2.2.1 and 2.2.2. A Uni-ID of a person from outside the university is generated when the relevant entry is made in the personnel information system.

3.2 A Uni-ID shall be closed:
3.2.1 one hundred days after termination of the contract on the basis of which the work was performed;
3.2.2 one hundred days after exmatriculation of the student;
3.2.3 on the date specified in the order for a temporary user ID,

3.3 The administrator makes changes in the validity of a Uni-ID username at the request of a university employee, including after termination of employment or exmatriculation of a student, for a specified term of five years:
3.3.1 upon approval of the head of the structural unit of the person working at the university;
3.3.2 upon approval of the dean of the student’s School;
3.3.3 upon approval of the head of a structural unit, who has placed an order for a temporary user ID.

4. Rights of the Uni-ID administrator

4.1 The Uni-ID administrator has the right to suspend the validity of a Uni-ID on an exceptional basis:
4.1.1 to prevent or solve a security incident;
4.1.2 to prevent reputational damage to the university or a person related to the university;
4.1.3 to prevent any other damaging consequences.

4.2 The administrator has the right to monitor the actions of the users while they use a Uni-ID by ensuring inviolability of their rights arising from Acts and other legislation.

5. The Rules for Digital Identity (approved by Rector’s directive No 70 of 02.05.2016) are repealed.


Algorithm for generating a Uni-ID:

The algorithm is applied to all the Uni-ID usernames starting from the autumn semester of 2015/2016.

A Uni-ID is generated from the user’s name by using 6 letters. First the 1st combination is applied. If it cannot be generated or the username is already in use, the next combination will be applied, etc.

If the total number of letters in a name is less than 6, as many letters as possible are taken from the names and random letters are added.

Combination Letters from the first name Letters from the last name A random additional letter
1. 2 4
2. 1 5
3. 3 3
4. 4 2
5. 5 1
6. 0 6
7. 6 0
8.* first name last name the required number
9. 2 3 1
10.* <= 2 <= 2 the required number

* – The combinations are tried for 20 times to find the unique form of the username.