Principles of Granting Support for the Fulfilment of the Statutory Responsibilities of the University

Responsible department:
Established by Regulation No 2 of 16 June 2023 of the Board of Tallinn University of Technology (entry into force 26.06.2023)

In force from: 26.06.2023

The Regulation is established based on subsection 2 (4) and clause 8 (3) 4) of the Tallinn University of Technology Act and clause 12) of § 6 of the Statutes of Tallinn University of Technology.

§ 1. Tallinn University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as “the university”) has the right to grant support to other legal persons for the fulfilment of its statutory responsibilities, in particular to promote the development of its students, incl. for the following:
1) to support the payment of scholarships to students;
2) to support student organizations.

§ 2. Membership fees to legal persons where the university is a shareholder or other related organizations do not constitute support for the purposes of the Regulation.

§ 3. Granting support and the terms and conditions thereof shall be decided by the Rector or a person appointed by the Rector.

§ 4. Support under the Regulation may be granted on a one-off basis or in the total amount of up to EUR 10,000 per year to support the same activity. The total amount of support granted under the Regulation in a financial year must not exceed 10% of the annual budget of the Rector’s reserve fund.

§ 5. In order to grant support, the university cooperates with university-related organizations – the Development Fund of Tallinn University of Technology and the non-profit association TTÜ Üliõpilasküla, as well as with other legal persons who support the development of the university and students.

§ 6. The Regulation shall enter into force upon signature.