Appointment of heads of areas of responsibility and designation of their fields of activity and their subordinate structural units

Approved by Rector’s directive No 64 of 20.12.2022 (entry into force 01.01.2023)
Amended by Rector’s directive No 2 of 09.02.2023 (entry into force 10.02.2023)

In force from: 10.02.2023

Based on clause 9) of § 11 of the Statutes of Tallinn University of Technology:

1. I hereby appoint the heads of areas of responsibility as follows:
1.1 Vice-Rector for Research – Senior Researcher Tiit Lukk (from 13 February 2023); [entry into force 10.02.2023]
1.2 Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs – Professor Hendrik Voll (from 1 September 2020);
1.3 Vice-Rector for Entrepreneurship – the Rector performs the tasks until the Vice-Rector is appointed;
1.4 Vice-Rector for Green Transformation – Helen Sooväli-Sepping (from 6 September 2021);
1.5 Director for Administration – Tea Trahov (from 1 October 2021).

2. I hereby designate the fields of activity of the heads of areas of responsibility and their subordinate structural units as follows:

Position Field of activity Structural unit
Vice-Rector for Research Research, including doctoral studies, library
and publishing services
Research Administration Office
FinEst Centre for Smart Cities
Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Academic affairs (excluding doctoral
studies), cooperation with the Student Body, sports activities, alumni association
Office of Academic Affairs
Open University
Alumni and Support Relations Office


Vice-Rector for Entrepreneurship Innovation and industry cooperation,
knowledge and technology transfer,
protection of intellectual property rights and
coordination of commercialisation of smart
knowledge, coordination of partnerships, promotion of entrepreneurship
Technology Transfer Centre
Vice-Rector for Green Transformation Planning and management of the development of green economy of the campus, regional colleges; integration of the principles of sustainable development into study programmes and research activities of the university; cooperation in the field of circular economy and sustainable development Centre for Climate Smart Transformation
Director for Administration Development and administration of IT infrastructure and systems Information Technology Services
Management and implementation of the university’s marketing and communication activities, including internal and external communication, coordination and organisation of the development of the brand and insignia, reputation and recruitment activities, the development of e-channels, university events, international cooperation relations. Marketing and Communications Office
Organisation and development of financial/economic activities (incl. public procurements) Finance Office
Development and management of the university campus and real estate owned or used by the university, provision of logistics services, organisation of conferences and events and provision of related support services Real Estate Office
Development and implementation of the staff policy and organisation of employment relations, arranging and development of archiving, administrative services and document management Human Resources Office

3. I hereby repeal “Appointment of heads of areas of responsibility and designation of their fields of activity and their subordinate structural units” (approved by Rector’s directive No 35 of 9 September 2021, amended by Rector’s directive No 9 of 3 February 2022).

4. This directive shall enter into force on 1 January 2023.