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Industrial Doctorate Statute

Approved by TTÜ Council Resolution No 50 of 21 November 2017

In force from: 21 November 2017
  1. Industrial doctorate is a special form of doctoral studies, where the research and development forming part of the doctoral studies is carried out in the interests of a private or public sector organization (hereinafter referred to as “organization”).
  2. A prerequisite for creating an industrial doctorate place is the interest and willingness of the organization to contribute to research and development in cooperation with the university, for which a corresponding agreement will or has been concluded or a joint project will be created.
  3. An industrial PhD student is a PhD student who is matriculated at the university and employed by an organization carrying out cooperation with the university in research and development and whose work in the organization is closely linked to the topic of the doctoral thesis.
  4. All the rights and obligations laid down for PhD students by law and the legislation of the university shall apply to industrial PhD students.
  5. An industrial PhD student must have his/her supervisor at the university. The organization shall appoint a person responsible for achieving the research and development objectives by the organization (a co-supervisor or consultant).
  6. The industrial doctorate can be taken part-time, in which case the period of studies may be up to 6 years.
  7. A full-time industrial PhD student has the right to receive doctoral allowance in compliance with the Study Allowances and Study Loans Act and the legislation of the university.
  8. The ownership of research results and the economic rights of an author shall be set out in a contract entered into between the parties.