Structure of Estonian Maritime Academy

Approved by order No 1-24/244 of 30 September 2021 of Director of EMARA
In force from: 01.10.2021

The order is issued based on clause 5 of ┬ž 27 of the Statutes of Tallinn University of Technology and clause 3.3 of the Statutes of Estonian Maritime Academy:

1. I approve the structure of Estonian Maritime Academy from 01.10.2021 accordingly:
1.1 Shipping Centre;
1.2 Centre of Maritime Studies;
1.3 Maritime Training Centre;
1.4 Centre of Academic Affairs;
1.5 Centre of General and Basic Studies;
1.6 Research Groups:
1.6.1 Maritime Cybersecurity Research Group;
1.6.2 Maritime Transport Research Group;
1.6.3 Green, Safe and Smart Hydrodynamics Research Group;
1.6.4 Blue Economy and Aquatic Resources Research Group with Fish Quality, Ichthyology and Ecology Lab and Fish Processing Technology Lab.

Scheme of management and structure of Estonian Maritime Academy 2021-10-01